Located under the Gazebo in the parking lot
of Z's Bakery and Java Hut

(Right next door to Chef Chu's restaurant)

Enjoy a unique and sophisticated guided tour experience while riding on the self-balancing, high tech Segway, personal Human Transporter. With zero emissions and a nearly non-existent environmental footprint, the Next Generation Segway is the ultimate transportation Green Machine, designed to be relevant to today's

style of recreation.

Segways are safe, easy…and incredibly FUN! They require no athletic ability. If you can stand, you can ride! You'll learn how in 2 minutes, and feel comfortable and confident in 5. Riders must weigh between 100 and 264 pounds, and be able to step up and down a single step quickly, without assistance. A parent or guardian must accompany riders under 16 years old.

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